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Craftsman 9-17816 Filter Fits All Current Craftsman Vacuums 5 Gallons and Above


(as of 01/18/2018 at 17:00 UTC)

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Product Description

Efficient red stripe filter is great for picking up general dirt and debris. The pleated paper technology creates an oversized surface area for efficient dust and dirt removal and can be easily cleaned. The Craftsman 9-17816 Wet/Dry Vac Reusable Pleated Paper Filter offers ten times the surface area of standard foam filters found in other vacs. These filters are washable and reusable. Fits current vacuums 9-17784, 9-17761, 9-17066, 9-17741, 9-17742, 9-17765, and 9-17762. Will also fit older vacuums: 6 gallon manufactured since 1992; 8, 12, 16, 32 gallons since 1988 and 9-17923, 9-17932, 9-17935, and 9-17937.


  • For use with most 5 gallon and larger vacuums made after 1988
  • Fits all vacuums to utilize red stripe filter
  • Easily picks up sawdust wood chips and vehicle dirt
  • Includes filter with integrated cap to make installation even simpler
  • Fully assembled